Murphy’s law

This morning had so much promise. We finally moved the baby monitor to Jon’s side of the bed because he is the one that gets up and gets her diaper changed in the morning. Why should I listen to the whining in my ear and not him? If I am the one who gets up to get her, eating has to come first. That is the nature of breast feeding, the complete mind-losing that a baby goes through in the morning when they see/smell their mom. 

Anyway, after a rough evening of teething, she slept from 6:45-6:30, no complaints here! Jon gets up, changes her diaper, I feed her, he utters the words “do you want to go back to sleep?” around 715, to which the answer is “seriously?” and I sleep until 8 while he plays with and feeds the baby applesauce. It was glorious. Then I woke up…

The eye rubbing and yawning has begun, signaling an early nap. She’s not quite ready so we play for a little bit, read a couple stories, change a diaper, and then I try to rock her. She’s already crying and arching her back and looking at her crib so I figure, ok, she wants to go to sleep. Laying her down in the crib, the crying escalates to full on melt down. I leave the room for a minute (sometimes this helps) and am informed that the cat has inhaled her food and already puked twice, Jon has cleaned said puke up. Yay! I go back to the baby and try rocking again. I try teething rings, we land on Sophie, and Sophie is annihilated for a few minutes but doesn’t do the trick.

This is from last night but, you get the gist. Note the red splotchy face but the smile on it. She wants to be happy!

This is from last night but, you get the gist. Note the red splotchy face but the smile on it. She wants to be happy!


We do Hyland’s teething tabs, no use, and finally give her a little Tylenol. She continues to scream. We’ve been at this since 8:30 and it is now 9am, Tylenol has had 15 minutes to work, but isn’t. She keep screaming, I keep holding her, we keep trying, she eventually falls asleep. For 20 minutes.

During these 20 minutes I manage to eat something, but only after I clean up yet another cat puke, on the ottoman. Where did this come from Lucy? Where?

Peacefully sleeping after she emptied her insides.

Peacefully sleeping after she emptied her insides.

 Then the cat stops resting and begins to stalk me on my way to go get the baby who has started to cry again. I move my leg out of harms way and catch my toe on the wall (it is still swelling). Cursing quietly, i limp to her room and pick her up, determine a diaper change is again necessary, and lay her on the changing table, which results in a new onslaught of screaming. I get her diaper off (cloth), and set it aside, where the little baby poop that is on it proceeds to roll off the diaper and fall behind the dresser. Now I’m torn in horror between pulling out the dresser and picking up the poop, or picking up the screaming baby (who knows how long it will take to comfort her!?) and I just can’t. I strap her in and deposit the poop into the toilet, check her temperature, finish the diaper change, and pick her up.

While I’m nursing her I call the pediatrician because 100.2 seems high for having taken Tylenol, and now I am on fever watch. She’s been sleeping for 2 hours now, in just a diaper because it’s warm outside but additionally, she is sweaty today, furthering my suspicions that something else is going on. When she wakes up, we’re trekking somewhere that has ibuprofen (because Tylenol is bull sh*t) to maybe actually bring the fever down, and then we will be on air conditioned fever watch for the rest of the afternoon (Target seems like a fun trip for us both, I went yesterday but forgot my list, my coupons, they didn’t have the cat food we use, they didn’t have the moisturizer I used to buy there, and I ended up leaving target with eggs and butter…so disappointing).Doc said to keep an eye on the fever after ibuprofen and watch for other symptoms. I just want to FIX it. Welcome to motherhood I suppose.


When life gives you lemons…

Today, Trader Joe’s was out of individual lemons. Personally, looking at the bags of 6-7 tiny lemons, I saw opportunity. It’s not like when Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell individual jalapeños. That’s just silly. 

Anyway, needing one lemon’s worth of zest to make panko crusted chicken tenders, I found myself with a surplus. A surplus, a husband who doesn’t work Mondays, and a rare 80ish degree day in July in Boston. That sounds like a perfect storm of baking.

Lemony deliciousness

Lemony deliciousness

I haven’t baked in quite some time, and I honestly don’t know if I love lemon more than chocolate. It is a very real battle for my soul. But Jenna’s lemon bars from eatliverun have a special place in my heart. They are one of my all-time favorite desserts, right up there with the glazed lemon cookies and the sea salt fudge brownies

The weather is beautiful, the baby is sleeping hard after a happy day of playing, and the smell of lemons is pretty stuck in my hands. Life is good.

And I thought a newborn was tough…

Things have gotten so so so much easier, and dramatically more draining at the same time in different ways. The pro’s and con’s of a 7 month old…


Pro: It’s warmer, and easier to take the baby places now that she can sit in a high chair, doesn’t require carrying the very heavy bucket carseat, and notices/enjoys her surroundings.

Con: It’s warmer, and it’s very hot to carry a baby in a carrier, no matter how much you want to. She also needs way more stuff like toys and food and all kinds of crap when it used to just be like “diapers, check, breasts, check, let’s go”.

Pro: She is very interactive and curious and loves to play.

Con: I am only one person.

Pro: She’s eating solids which is fun.

Con: She changes her mind about what she does and does not like within one feeding. Making things extremely messy.

Basically, the child approaches everything with gusto. And this is a wonderful thing.

Sort of sums up her general "I'm here to party" attitude.

Sort of sums up her general “I’m here to party” attitude.

Anyway, there are things that I can count on now, like a long morning nap. I can count on her to let me know when she needs to nap. I can count on her to be able to play quietly (or not so quietly) with one of the dozen toys I surround her with on a soft blanket in her room while I feed myself or shower or get to pee. It’s so nice to get back to some sort of routine. Of course the downside is that when that routine breaks and she cries herself to sleep or whines all day or starts crying when we’re out, it THROWS YOU OFF.

Flexibility has never been my strong suit. If you ask people “what’s Dana like? no one has ever said “oh Dana? she’s super flexible and totally chill””. No one. Ever.

A relatively trying trip to the Cape (baby in pack n’ play in hotel room…) did include these delicious tacos…



And we finally made it to Sofra bakery in Belmont this morning, after living here for over a year. Pastries and lattes, A+.

I cook some, it’s easiest to cook stand bys where I can go to the grocery store and know what I need to make chicken saladThai lettuce wraps, tilapia with tomatoes, black bean tacos, panko chicken tenders, variations of burgers, etc. It’s a decent repertoire, added to the fact that it’s summer and a good pack of chicken sausage and some buns goes a long way with a nice fresh salad. I honestly haven’t added anything new. A good batch of Flour granola, some cookies off of the back of a Craisins bag (not amazing), and then lots and lots of purees. I’m ready to feed her real things because this stuff is getting a little dull. Besides fruit and vegetables she’s had bread, chick peas, yogurt, your basic baby foods. She did get to try Zaftig’s challah french toast yesterday. And if you’ve had it, you know that’s a win.

The last couple days have made me believe that I can and should be running races this fall. For my health and for my sanity. I have a jogging stroller and an uber cute running partner and despite what my quads are currently saying, the ability to do a couple half marathons.

Her dad is pretty cute too. And not opposed to some stroller pushing.

Her dad is pretty cute too. And not opposed to some stroller pushing.