101 in 1,001

This is my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days. Some I have done before and want to do again, some are brand new, and the list changes. My end date is October  7,2013.

1. Swim in the ocean.

7.16.11, I want to go back to the beach!

2. Run a race with Jon where we run the whole thing together. February 27, 2011. 57:48

3. Go skiing.

4. Take a hot yoga class.

March 14, 2011; it is awesome.

5. Compete in the Eastern States 20 miler.

6. Run a sub 48 minute 10k.

7. Visit Sandy in West Virginia.

8. Visit Yellowstone, the Badlands or the Grand Canyon.

9. Go on a hike by myself. I think this would be just as fun WITH people.

10. Take a photography class.

11. Go for a month (4 weeks) without buying anything online.

12. PR on a half.

13. Make a brioche recipe.


14. Give up Facebook for 5 total weeks.

15. Live a huge tip on a cheap meal.

16. Go to California.

17. Draw something every day for a month.

18. Go for a month (4 weeks)without nail or toenail polish. 1.17.11-2.17.11

19. Visit Jacquie in her post-college location.

20. Put money into my mutual fund.

21. Get a cat (changed from get a dog, this really wouldn’t be fair to a dog!)

22. Knit a scarf.

23. Knit a hat.

24. Start a recipe sharing blog

Hope people are enjoying it!

25. Play racquetball.

26. Go to my Marquette 5 year reunion

27. Attend both sisters’ college graduations.

1 down! Will be too pregnant for Sandy’s 😦

28. Join or start a book club (formally or informally)

It’s sporadic but we’re talking about books!

29. Weekend at a bed and breakfast

Great time in Northern Mass!

30. Make a perfect soufflé

31. Go to a rap concert.

32. Hold crow in yoga.

33. Start drawing with pastels

34. Road trip.

35. Take the train to Providence 5 times to visit the grandparents.

36. Make knishes. 

Nothing like Bubbi’s but not the worst thing ever.

37. Have people over to celebrate Hanukah. With Latkes.

38. Make Challah.

39. Do headstand in yoga.

Wall assisted

40. Hike Mt. Washington.

41. Go to Niagra Falls

42. Meditate 14 days in a row.

43. Grocery shop at midnight.

44. Fill up my cookbook from my mom.

45. Read War and Peace.

46. Cook/try eggplant.

2.23.11, delicious

47. Have a 30 rock marathon with Kathleen

48. Watch all 6 Star Wars movies.

49. Go golfing.

50. Play tennis.

51. Make Sangria.

52. Go to a Bruins game.

4.9.11 awesome

53. Go to a Celtics game.

54. Go to a park and read.

Thanks Crystal!

55. Go to the MFA

56. Go to the Isabella Gardner museum.

57. Go to the Harbor Islands.

58. Make almond butter.

59. Try a mushroom.

In my Thai food last night, Feb 26, 2011. I do hate them.

3.18.11 Revamped my opinion of them when served with a delicious seared lamb.

60. Host a dinner party.

61. Get the Sunday paper at least twice a month.

62. Make hummus.

3.3.11, not hard, very good

63. Kayak or canoe on the Charles.

*No caffeine for 10 total weeks was an epic failure.

64. Fast on Yom Kippur.

65. Go to Rosh Hashannah services.

66. See all of the Pixar movies.

67. Swim a mile.

68. Make another pie.

Coconut Cream for Easter 2011

69. Sam Adams brewery tour.

70. Run on a trail.

71. Watch all the Harry Potter movies before the 8th movie comes out.

73. Host a game night.

74. Save up enough credit card rewards to get a Kindle.

It is the best thing ever

75. Publish a paper.

76. Get my PhD.

77. Have a snowball fight.

78. Go to a wine tasting.

79. Read the rest of Dave Eggers’ books.   

80. Make haementaschen.


81. Start painting.

82. Try an oyster.

83. Try a lobster roll.

3.19.11, it was ok.

84. Get 2 massages.

1 down

85. Go apple picking.

86. Eat an olive.

There was an olive in my chicken pot pie-ish deliciousness at Orinocco. The dish was amazing, the olives were ok. 3.4.11

4.9.11 hate them.

87. Donate blood.


88. Get a Real Simple subscription.

What a great magazine.

89. Fly a kite.

90. Read the books on my bookshelf.

91. Go to DC for the Cherry Blossoms.

92. Go to the Big East finals.

93. Spend an entire day relaxing with Jon.

It was glorious.

94. Do 25 push-ups in a row.

95. Send a package to each sister for no reason. 

Hope they enjoyed the cookies and books!

96. PR on a 5K

97. Go to a horror movie of Jon’s choosing at a theater.

98. Go to a Pops concert.

99. See a play.

100. Cook 60% of the Flour cookbook.

101. Go through clothes and shoes and get rid of all things that haven’t been worn, are too big or too small, and donate.

They aren’t missed.


3 responses to “101 in 1,001

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  2. Awesome list!! I’m also hoping to read all the HP books!

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