Creamy chicken and asparagus on toast.

#352 in Rachael Ray’s 365 meal cookbook. Mind you, no one is touting this as a healthy eating blog but who can say no to fresh asparagus? That’s got to count for something. As long as there is that much vegetable in there, I like to ignore the half & half and cheese. The whole point of exercise is so you can eat right?

I know that Whole Foods is a bit more expensive but I’ve come to the realization that regardless of what I’ve been spending on groceries, it’s still cheaper than going out to eat! Even with gruyere and Whole Foods chicken, this meal was cheaper than 2 Subway sandwiches for us! Plus, the freshness of the ingredients makes me feel so much better than fast food, even the healthy kind. I’ll take a little creamy delicious butter over preservatives any day. We’ll see how I feel when I go running in the snow at 7am to make up for it.


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