Nutrient infused cookies

Joanne Chang’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies are my favorite thing that I’ve made out of her cookbook. I’m not usually a fan of anything that replaces chocolate in a dessert or snack but these are phenomenal. The key is in the spices (and the butter!). Due to an abundance of oats and time today, I decided to make these, my favorite cookies, but substitute 3/4 cup of the flour for oat bran to add a little fiber and protein.

Besides sharing her recipe secrets, I learned a lot of technical things from her cookbook “Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery+Cafe” .

Step 1, creaming butter and sugar together forever until they become nice and fluffy is important for good texture.


Fluffy After 8 minutes with a handmixer

And in step 2, it was important that my eggs were at room temperature. Eggs are always supposed to be at room temperature unless they specifically say otherwise in a recipe!

Combining the eggs

Though I find that my 2 sticks of butter generally weigh exactly what she expects them to in the recipe, I always weigh my other ingredients. This sidesteps the need for aerating flour and makes the measurements overall much more accurate.

Weighed, dry ingredients

After the dough comes together, it’s covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated for the lower limit of what Joanne recommends, 3 hours, due to extreme impatience.


Recipe here

Mmmm mmmmmmmm


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