101 in 1,001

For me, writing things down is a cure for many things. If you’re stressed about remembering something, make a list. If something obsessive if floating around your head, write it down to expunge it from your brain. If you don’t want to forget something wonderful that happened, make an actual note instead of a mental one. The relief that follows is immense.

When I was younger I had a little list of goals that I wrote down in some 8th grade notebook somewhere. I wish I could find it now but I do remember that running a marathon was on there, check! Even younger than that, you can ask my mom, I dreamed of being a cashier (something about all those buttons is fascinating to a 4 year old) and after produce markets and the now defunct Linens n’ Things, check!

I first saw the idea for this very grown up version of a list on Jess’s Healthy Living in America’s Dairyland Blog and naturally, made my own. Something about my compulsive nature makes the process of writing things down and crossing them off extremely satisfying. We’ll see how this goes, a lot of them have to do with cooking or exercise!


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