It’s hard to stay healthy in grad school

No matter how well you eat at home, temptation is everywhere. Yesterday morning had such promise after  Thursday night’s cheese filled TV watching party. What makes NBC’s Thursday night line up better? Three different kinds of dip, that’s what. So I had my healthful, protein rich cereal with fresh blueberries and a little milk and syrup and packed some of that delicious chili to avoid the lunch pizza that was purchased for our journal club meeting. Not too shabby right? Too bad Fridays at 4 means happy hour at work…and fundraisers at NECO means drinking for 6 hours and pizza at 1am. Then I started my Saturday with coffee and a donut during Biology tutoring for the MCAS! Maybe I should pack more snacks? Step away from the donuts? This is a good day to really sit down and plan this week’s menu.

The more I cook, the more I realize the importance of planning, but also the importance of flexibility and adaptation. Yes, I usually have some kind of protein in my freezer, but breads, vegetables, herbs, these things do not last!  I could say I will eat seafood and more perishable things at the beginning of the week, but that doesn’t eliminate the need for produce at the end of the week. Stopping at the grocery store isn’t difficult, it’s on my way home, it’s just making me consider wayyy in advance what days I will be running, doing yoga, etc, and I don’t want to!

I really enjoy the weekend as a great time to relax and make big batches of things to last you through a week of lunches and goodies. Joanne’s banana bread (with a plan to substitute oat bran this time and make it without falling like it did last time ), Mom’s black bean soup, etc. That’s the plan for today! And something delicious for a post-run dinner.

First attempt. I blame my mom's fancy oven.


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