Though quite scrumptious, this morning’s banana bread barely fueled my 5.6 miles! It was a great run, this weather is perfect and the sidewalks are clearing up. Maybe I will make it through next weekend’s 10k after all. It is extremely disheartening to think about being ready for a marathon just 2 short months ago and after 2 rounds of illness, scraping my way through 5.6 miles. Fortunately, I feel like the knowledge that I’ve done these long races in the past helps me remember that I can get back to that. I can do this. Also, there’s nothing like a group of friends running with you to make a scary run a little easier. It’s really wonderful to see my husband and good friends running and think that it’s something that they might do with me forever! Consistent racing has meant consistent training and for a couple years, it was a really lonely road. It’s a very isolating form of exercise if you can’t commit to a running club so it’s really great to have this newfound posse.

After this great run and a second trip to the grocery store with Jon to supplement our first, disappointing trip to the OTHER grocery store, we got Subway! It just smelled so good. However, dehydration from extreme salt consumption is setting in and making me feel terrible. I think I can get a couple liters of water down before dinner, #8, sausage and spinach pastry squares and tomato arugula salad.

Puff pastry makes everything delicious. Yum


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