New book

Who knew blackberries were good this time of year?

Delicious breakfast and leftovers, leftovers, leftovers for lunch and dinner! More importantly, while I was eating my lunch at work, this showed up in my mailbox…

I was just talking to my dear Kathleen this morning about how it’d be nice to start creating instead of just cooking. I want to make some of the things that other people blog about, except I want to think of them first! I started reading and I really think this could help me do that. So thank you Uncle Steve! It is too bad that the first copy was apparently stolen from my lobby over Christmas or I could be further along. Thanks for the holiday spirit Boston! This is sort of like How to cook without a book except I still end up using that one for recipes. The idea of Michael Ruhlman’s book is to give beginner cooks, or people who have been cooking religiously with recipes for years, basic “ratios” for how to make bread dough, pound cake, mayonnaise, etc. Once you learn some simple 3:2:2 rules you can start to adapt the basics to your tastes. Mostly very well-reviewed, some people marked as “novice” or “common sense” reading and all I can say to these nay sayers is “where did you go to culinary school?”.

I will post as I attempt. It’s possible that I could try more things than usual this week since it looks like we have another monster 12 inches coming…What will we do? The snow farms are full!


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