Snow lakes

This morning’s little walk down Harvard Ave was conducted entirely in the street, as each intersection is under approximately 8-12 inches of slush water. Thankfully my delicious breakfast fueled my fire as I clutched my hot pink umbrella, praying that tow trucks saw it, and me, and didn’t nudge me into the ever higher snowbanks.

Martin’s Steel Cut Oats Recipe

This was such a delicious oatmeal recipe. I know this is going to give away my cooking naivité ( as if I hadn’t already) but this tastes drastically different from instant oatmeal. Whether you make it in the microwave or on the stove it lacks the texture and heartiness of this bowl. Toasting the oats first adds this earthy quality that nicely complements some fresh fruit and brown sugar, my favorite. I started thinking about the nutrition of this grainy breakfasts and at under 300 calories for all of that iron, fiber and protein!? SOLD.



I guess black bean soup is much prettier with toppings. Without them it’s this amorphous blob of purplish…I’ll stop. With some fresh red onion and plenty of cheddar I feel warm from the inside out, even after venturing into New England weather briefly this morning. It’s a great lunch and reminds me of my mom.





Having the day off, I decided to prepare my contribution to Thursday night tv a little bit early. I found these delectable crackers on the smitten kitchen blog but used Mark Bittman’s original recipe to make them (should’ve poked them with a fork!). Although mine aren’t as pretty, I tried one and they’re pretty damn good!

Dinner won’t be terribly exciting since Boston is underwater and a grocery store trip seems…Anyway, pancakes, bacon and eggs sound as good as anything to me!



One response to “Snow lakes

  1. AH I’ve always wanted to make my own crackers! You’ve inspired me!

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