Alright, I’m back

I’m finished wallowing in self pity over my foot.

Brats and sauerkraut on Sunday for the big game (GO PACK!), skipped lunch to go to the ortho Dr. yesterday, always makes me feel wonderful (not!) Uburger for dinner last night (courtesy of my wonderful husband), ruined a pot of steel cut oats intended for this morning’s breakfast, it’s over! My food can suffer no more.




I have to wear this awesome boot


to prevent the stress on my bone from turning into a fracture. Apparently stress fractures don’t always occur from an acute instance, it can be “stress” over time. It could have been from wearing snow boots for 3 weeks straight. He didn’t mock me about running on the ice or anything but I think I feel sufficiently stupid enough to keep me indoors. At least until this heals. Nothing like February without exercise. Any thoughts on endorphin boosters?

Leftover chicken with gnocchi for lunch should erase the memory of the instant oatmeal mush I ate for breakfast, it’s been a sad sad couple of days, and then it’s on to lemony ricotta pasta with swiss chard (a first time for me) for dinner.


One response to “Alright, I’m back

  1. Sorry about the boot =( Jillian Michaels says that doing punches is a good way to get your heart rate up when you have any type of lower body injury …

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