Fridays are for risotto.

This was a looong week. L-O-N-G long. Lots of science and frustration but I think this will be my last day in das boot. Really feeling much much better and thinking that the Hyannis 10K at the end of the month will be a real possibility. And training for my next half should start on Monday! Even if I have to miss the first week (that’s sort of sounding smarter than going straight from booted to running), it’s a very exciting prospect for someone who hasn’t raced since October! So ready to be out running again. The days are starting to get longer already and I am getting cabin fever (or my foot is). Until then, going to focus on food. Seems like a great “in lieu of running” hobby.

Tonight I made lemon risotto from, pan seared scallops and steamed asparagus. Definitely some “practice makes perfect” foods, but still turned out ok. Just sauteed some shallots and then the rice, add a little white wine and then add warmed chicken broth a little bit at a time as it absorbs. At the end, a little lemon juice, peel, and parsley give this a delicious light taste.

First things first…Do not misread “saucepan” as “pan. Risotto needs liquid to cook…Remedy= dump the whole thing into a pot with a little extra simmering chicken broth and stir. Tada!

Scallops…YOU HAVE TO ADD FAT! The techniques book I looked at says to drizzle both sides with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. I drizzled one side. And rolled. Problem was it wasn’t even close to enough oil. They’re cooked and the flavor was great but they definitely could’ve had a nicer crust on them.

Guess this means I have to keep buying scallops :).

I’m going to use the 3rd Saturday in a row at work as an excuse to get a delicious lunch somewhere in the South End. Or a brioche. Pretty sure this is why I’m getting fat. Food rewards.


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