Waste Not.

Today’s lunch at Blunch in the South End and the Whole Foods trip that followed made my 4 hours of Saturday work much more tolerable. Food makes my day.

A couple Hanukah’s ago I was presented with what seemed to be a scrapbook. There was a moment of hesitation where I considered that my mother might not know me at all. Scrapbook? Really? Anyways, upon further inspection, this was actually a gold mine in a post bound scrapbook disguise.

She took my favorite recipes, family favorites actually, and typed them up and interspersed them with wonderful photographs of people in our lives. People cooking and people eating.

This is part of my 101 list is to keep adding recipes (only ones that have been tested and deemed worthy)!) and cooking what’s there.

I love the mixture of light and creamy in this Thai lettuce wrap recipe that mom was kind enough to pass on to me. All of the fresh vegetables are light and crunchy and the ground sirloin in coconut milk is smooth and delicious. Easy to make, you really can’t go wrong.

Except for one thing. Don’t you hate when you open a 15.5 oz can of something and only need 1/2 cup? Even better is when said item is labeled “use within 2 days”. What am I going to do with all of  this coconut milk!? Alton Brown to the rescue. Fortunately I also had a leftover cup of cooked Basmati, which is a recipe for rice pudding!

Not sure if it’s good yet, it’s not in the book ;).


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