Vinyasa should be mandatory

On any given day I can think of about 15 reasons not to go to yoga. I should be working, I should be running, I’ll get home too late, it’s expensive, etc…But after a class like today, I could forget them all. Great pace, just the right amount of stretch and work, just really fantastic. Great way to ease my foot back in to the practicing of exercise. Running this week? Probably.

Tonight’s dinner was a delicious buffalo turkey burger with bleu cheese dressing from the Rachael Ray cookbook.

Very simple recipe but very delicious. I didn’t realize how little I’d had to eat all day until I was shaking during class and had to grab a Bum bar on the way out! I don’t know what it is exactly, but I can tell you that for $3, I’d like to learn how to make my own. Next project, research and create a high protein, low sugar granola bar! (Well, next project after I recreate the brownies currently on the smittenkitchen home page. Which are sort of the opposite of high protein, low sugar.) The ones on the market are either soy (which gives me a stomach ache), way too high in sugar, or just too damn expensive. I’m thinking something involving massive amounts of natural peanut butter and toasted nuts, held together by something magical like…

Research time.


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