Caution, no recipe

Nothing fancy or terribly creative, but I grabbed the things that looked most delicious and ready in my fridge and made a grape tomato, basil and mozzarella fusili pasta. Whole wheat pasta is a great way to keep you feeling fuller and avoid empty calories. Just a simple garlic and shallot saute in olive oil, added some tomatoes cut in half for about 1 minute and then turned the heat off and then added basil semi-chiffonade at the end just to wilt it. I added some chopped fresh mozzarella and dumped the drained al dente fusili over the vegetables and cheese and stirred to melt the mozzarella. Like I said, not super exciting but a good dinner nonetheless.

I’ve finally learned how to cook for 2 people without having buckets of leftovers. Now you might say, isn’t that just because you’ve finally learned how to cook so Jon is actually eating it and not shoving it in the fridge? I hope not.

For tomorrow’s tv and for today’s stress relief I am making these brownies.

They’re supposed to be little birds.


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