Work Dana vs Home Dana

For some reason, I can’t have a day where I get everything right. The last couple months have been really great learning how to cook and practicing baking and really enjoying what I’m eating. But this happened to coincide with a lull in science. Sometimes experiments just don’t work. And then some random Thursday, when it starts working again, I can’t make pizza crust.

Simplest recipe ever from the smitten kitchen blog and for some reason, it just wouldn’t rise. I looked at the ingredients 100 times and ended up making a “fast” pizza crust which is a huuuuge mistake. What a floury-tasting, pale disaster. Thanks universe. At least Jon got a good laugh out of watching me run around trying to fix things.

Fortunately the cheesy zucchini pizza recipe itself from eatliverun was delicious and the whole thing would’ve been magical with chewy, yeasty crust.

Tonight’s crock pot, Real Simple chicken curry was more successful but I tell you what, I really liked that pizza for lunch.

Tomorrow, for my first day at home and not at work in weeks, I plan on baking bread. And cleaning. And making snickerdoodles to shut Jon up. It will be more fun than it sounds! And I will do it to a soundtrack of Radiohead’s brand new cd. I will be a more interesting blogger tomorrow when my brain isn’t totally fried from too much immunofluorescence.


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