I love tilapia. Such a light, flaky fish tastes so great with fresh veggies (the fish is hiding. under the fresh vegetables). Tomatoes are so juicy and sweet right now and the bread I baked Saturday was the perfect complement and sauce mopper.

I was definitely needing something on the healthier side after yesterday’s run (that wasn’t the unhealthy part) and subsequent binge fest at Zaftig’s delicatessen. SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD! I didn’t know that so much corned beef could fit between two pieces of bread.

Anyway, Jon is studying non stop for his board exam next month, which means that he only pauses long enough to shovel down whatever I put in front of him in record breaking time. Not exactly the ideal taster, but at the same time, a clean plate means a good meal…right? Riiight?

I guess to truly know if I’m doing a good job, I need an unbiased taster. One who’s not studying for boards. And who isn’t me. Any volunteers?


One response to “Taster

  1. ME! haha looks delicious! I’m going to try the buffalo turkey burgers this week!

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