Eggplant: Adventures in Weird Fruit

On my list of things to do by October, 2013, last night I slayed the eggplant. It’s been a busy week for that list!

“Small, firm eggplant, peeled and cubed”. So I get my little knife that I like for peeling and go at the purplish, not really small, eggplant. First slice off of it, it’s not purple inside. I’m sure most people knew this but I have honestly never eaten it. Ever. I know my mom has made it, but I think I just maintained a safe physical distance from the thing. Any other time I’ve seen it it’s been fried! Color doesn’t show through breading, funny thing is, neither does taste.

Moving on, it’s a super weird texture. Not juicy like I thought it would be. More like…I don’t even know. It’s sort of spongy when you push on it. So once it was peeled, I cut across it, just to see a cross section. There are seeds! Lots and lots of seeds. Not like a squash apparently (only after a frantic call to Aunt Cindy did I believe that yes, they were ok to eat, the woman knows everything).

So I did eat it and enjoyed it. So what that I pureed the living s*** out of it before I ate it? Next time I will cook it another way, and enjoy it just the same.

I think I had the eggplant in a scary category with squash (which I’ve only recently decided that I also like) when in reality, it’s like a non-juicy tomato (which I also just started eating about a year ago). Seeds that you eat, delicious in sauce, extremely flavorful.


One response to “Eggplant: Adventures in Weird Fruit

  1. Okay kiddo here ya go:
    Cut the eggplant into 1/4 inch thick rings.
    Salt the rings.Let sit for 30 minutes. This is important because eggplant can be bitter but if you salt it it draws the bitter out.
    Rinse the salt off.
    Dip the eggplant rings into egg then into seasoned breadcrumbs or flour. Fry. Delicious!

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