Rainy Monday

Congratulations to Jon for finishing his first road race yesterday! In wet, slushy, snowy conditions we stayed together the whole time and completed our 10K in 55:05. He said he didn’t have a goal beyond finishing, but my goal FOR him was under an hour so, check! Check for me is running a race with him. It was a fun day to race on the Cape with HUGE snowflakes falling, 4500 people running, and lots and lots of food at the end.

After a cat nap later that evening, I decided to reward our hard work with some homemade, non-disaster crusted pizza. Using Jenna’s recipe from eatliverun for pizza crust, and using Gourmet Cookbook’s Pizza Margherita recipe for the topping, I thought it was delicious!

I also foolishly thought I’d have leftovers for lunch…

The weather is particularly brutal here in Boston today. I know the soup I brought for lunch (previously frozen bean soup from a slow cooker cookbook) will warm me up but I still just want to lay in bed and read all day. Just started “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith and it is really good so far. Making my way through that bookshelf of mine.


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