Sunshine in Boston, Day 2

I almost had a heart attack when my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning and the sun was out, for the second day in a row, in New England, in March. This bizarre weather shock almost made me miss the fact that somehow, both of my legs were asleep. Apparently choosing to run to the literal Summit of the city makes me tired enough to crash hard enough that I don’t notice that I’ve compressed my legs to the point that I can’t feel my toes. FUN.

This weekend’s 10K really got me in the mood for racing again, that and the longer days and the ever so slightly warmer weather. I got my jacket for running all 3 half marathons in the trilogy series last year and call me a dork but it was super exciting, and a nice jacket! The Big Lake Half Marathon should be absolutely gorgeous and the perfect time of year to start racing again.

Things I am addicted to right now

1. Annie’s bunny graham crackers.

Bunny Graham Friends - Family Size package photo

These are like Teddy Grahams only awesome. Crunchier, more flavor, less preservatives. I would recommend portioning out a little bit and putting the box away. Hidden safely.

2. Blue State Coffee Lattes

Replacing the Comm Ave Cold Stone, this new enviro-conscious coffee establishment is RIGHT NEXT TO the bus stop. I decided to give it a try when they opened and they are phenomenal. Their coffee and espresso lacks a certain acidity and burned flavor that other places tend to have.

3. My ipod shuffle

I haven’t been using this for a couple months because I’ve been running with Jon, but because he accomplished his goal and is retired (think Brett Favre retired) from running, I get to use it again! Nothing like Florence and the Machine to get me up the Summit Ave hill.

4. White Teeth

This book is awesome. Zadie Smith’s writing will make you laugh out loud and tear up in one paragraph, in public. You’ve been warned.

5. Parks and Recreation.

All seasons, all episodes, any time of the day.

Last night I made Gourmet cookbook’s Peanut Sesame Noodles.

That book almost made the list. They were really delicious. My mom makes something really similar that I just don’t have the recipe for, and I changed this one in some semi-fundamental ways, but the result was a whole wheat noodle with pea pods and a spicy, substantial sauce. Jon’s question was “where’s the chicken?” but I think we can handle one vegetarian meal a week. Plus the falafel I’m making tonight. Woops.


2 responses to “Sunshine in Boston, Day 2

  1. Parks and Rec = ….. BEST….SHOW….EVER……

  2. agreed!! i LOVE parks and rec!!!!!!!

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