Hole in my leggings

Today’s run with Jon went really well, until we got home. That’s when I discovered the hole in my favorite Under Armor running tights. BOOOO. This are the perfect weight, perfect length, and totally necessary to the current 40-50 degree weather. I guess 2 years, 5 half marathons and 2 full marathon trainings (1 actual marathon race) is a decent run (no pun intended). We’ll see if Sami’s handiwork can save them, until then, immediate replacement is the only option. Again, BOOO.

During this weekend’s trip to Providence mayhem I forgot to mention my fantastic dinner with Kathleen on Friday night. Linda recommended this fantastic Venezuelan restaurant, mere blocks from the K building, can you imagine? Orinoco is a true gem in the South End. I know nothing about Venezuelan food so I can’t comment on it’s authenticity but I can say that the polvorosa de pollo was amazing (like a more interesting, spicier pot pie), and bacon-wrapped almond filled dates? Yes please. It was the perfect preface to an evening of Anthony Bourdain and Eric Rippert at Symphony Hall. Funny guys who know a ton about food.

Tonight I made a disastrously delicious version of a meatball sub (that I currently can’t remember where I found it but I’m still looking I swear). It was wonderful, but there were no meatballs.

I will post my version andddd credit it later?

Here’s to hoping that this week is better on the other side of the hump.


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