Ravioli, the chameleon pasta

My mini cheesy zucchini lunch pizza was a great treat after my 35 minute tempo run. Shouldn’t have followed it with Milky Ways (yes, plural) but still, I ran!

Todays’ trip to Target was a nice end to a really crappy week. I picked up any grocery list items that are Target-gettable and also, drumroll please, a cast iron grill pan! It’s little, and it’s not a real grill, but the warmer it gets outside, the more I want to marinade things and grill the crap out of them. This has been an apartment dream of mine for a whole 8 months or so! (That’s about the longest my attention span holds out for anything so…I think it was worth $20.)

So I’ve made homemade ravioli several times and it came out incredibly bland and boring. This batch tonight was quite the opposite. Featuring green peas and mint leaves they were fantastic drizzled with a little bit of butter and parmesan.

I don’t care how it makes me sound, food fixes my life.

And on that note, yay for 7 miles tomorrow…?


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