Risotto is a learning process.

What a weird week! With Jon’s impending boards I let him pick his “last meals” Sunday and Monday night so this resulted in delicious recipe repeats. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time learning new skills and finding new recipes and sometimes it’s comforting to have the familiar flavors of making something you loved. Buffalo Turkey Burgers and Tilapia are definitely keepers in my book.

This weekend I made granola and posted the recipe that I used this time. Training always results in the same cravings and homemade granola is one of them. Almonds and walnuts and wheat germ make for a hearty, tasty breakfast that keeps me full for at LEAST 3 hours :). I always forget how hungry I get during these 12 weeks. The balance of food and sleep…and work and running, is going to become more and more important again. And in the interest of balance, yoga is going to have to become part of the mix again.

Enough exercise, let’s talk risotto. To me, it never sounds like enough food. Rice? And sometimes vegetables? I don’t think so. Gourmet cookbook’s red wine risotto is not messing around. Pancetta, parmesan, and WINE. After the 45 minutes that it took to make it, dancing around my kitchen to Florence and the Machine, I realized that I do not have the attention span for the constant stirring bs. The mere fact that I took pictures during the process is a testament to that.

I'm stirring, I swear

Anyway, upon first bite, I realized exactly why it was worth it. The development of flavor and the texture of the rice, you can’t get that in less than 45 minutes of diligent stirring. The dish reminds me a lot of one my mom makes that I will now have to hunt down the recipe for. It was the perfect antidote to a 7 miler on a weeknight, and a great recipe to share after almost a week of not posting! The NCAA tournament and a weekend in Gloucester will probably push any new cooking until Monday. After another hot yoga class. 🙂


2 responses to “Risotto is a learning process.

  1. I have never made risotto. It might be time to give it a try.

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