Snowy Monday

So starts the first day of my caffeine free week.

We ate soo well this weekend. Jon’s new phone makes it so easy to travel around, I think we hit every coastal town in Cape Ann! We stayed in Gloucester and started our weekend getaway with an amazing dinner at Alchemy. The calamari was lightly battered and fried and just so perfectly seasoned, I don’t think it was a tapas that it was meant for sharing. However, accompanied by lobster cakes and followed by grilled lamb (with mushrooms that I actually liked) there was plenty of food to go around. I wasn’t expecting that kind of atmosphere and cuisine in the fishing capital of the country.

Aside from another fantastic dinner at The Franklin, lunch yesterday was something to write about. After walking around the ghost town that is Rockport, MA in March we stumbled into a really nice store called Milk and Honey that sells a lot of handwoven rugs, unstarched baskets, copper candle holders, just really nice home accessories. The woman who owns the place was incredibly friendly and suggested that we take a hike (in the true sense of the phrase) at Halibut Point State Park,

and if we were going that way, we just HAD to go to Willow Rest. By the time we got there (after being convinced after the 4328745th one lane road that we were lost for serious this time), I was hangry. We pulled in where Sheila (our phone navigator) told us to and found ourselves in front of a one pump gas station. Insert Dana’s stream of expletives here. Then we spotted a willow tree on the door that led to an alternate universe to the scene outside. Walking around their fabulous little shop full of fresh produce and interesting edibles was a great way to spend time while we were waiting for the sandwiches but the smell was intoxicating.  Brie and turkey and cranberry horseradish sauce on a ciabatta that puts my bread to shame. Jon had a crabcake BLT that was to die and we left with a loaf of Portuguese sweet bread, Arborio rice, a pretzel and peanut butter chocolate bar, and some crazy ass drinks called Mash (sparkling water with lemon and ginger for me, mango and blood orange for Jon). It was well worth the trip and made great fuel for a hike around the quarry. And I can tell you that the bread made a wonderful grilled cheese with tomatoes and country Dijon.

This is my way of extending my weekend vacation because a) boss is in Puerto Rico, why should I be in the South End? and b) the actual work I had to do today took me about 2 hours, so I went in for 2 hours. Now on this blustery day I got my laundry done, and this afternoon calls for an attempt at hamantaschen since Purim started Saturday, and some homemade tomato sauce since I am not buying ANY GROCERIES this week (unless it’s fresh produce) and plan on making delicious dinners anyway!

This also looks like a great day for a steamy yoga class.


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