French Chicken in Vinegar Sauce and Ravioli Part 2

I made this chicken with vinegar sauce last night after a quick 4 mile run. My mom always makes this RIGHT before I get ready to fly back home. To torture me. I know it. It’s so hearty and flavorful and served with a parmesan polenta, mmmmm. Also made great leftovers for lunch!

This week’s caffeine hiatus is torture. It’s not making me feel less dehydrated, I have a monster headache, and I really miss my morning routine. I’m going to finish the week off because I don’t want to back down from the challenge but I will be changing it on my list of 101. I only have one latte a day in the morning and that’s my ONLY milk!! Anyways, as a nonsmoker who rarely goes out to eat and hardly drinks I don’t know why I decided to deprive myself of one of my few vices. I miss Blue State!

I got a package in the mail from my mom today. I think we have some kind of psychic (psychotic?) connection since she sent me wheat germ (I JUST finished mine), polenta (which I just made last night) and some Moroccan spices (with jars for preserving lemons) when I’ve been wanting to try some recipes that use them!

Not buying any groceries forced creativity. Half a package of wonton wrappers, an Italian chicken sausage, fresh tarragon and ricotta? Sounds like ravioli to me.

By the way, the hamantaschen are disappearing fast.


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