Chicken Parmesan

Yumm, what’s better to prepare yourself for an evening of watching college basketball? Or recover you from that whole 2.6 miles that you ran? Chicken and cheese, that’s what. Slight panic when I realized that I couldn’t buy pasta sauce because of my grocery ban this week, but then, crushed can tomatoes can be turned INTO tomato sauce in about 20 minutes flat.

Too easy

Add a little garlic, salt and pepper? Tada!

Then taking delicious Whole Foods chicken breasts and pounding them into submission,




This might be unnecessary commentary but, there were no leftovers for my lunch today. Thanks mama for the recipe!

It’s nice to have my appreciative eater’s focused attention back on his food instead of silly studying for an exam that determines whether he can move on in his career or not.

Training has been a little rough this week, the hops back and forth between spring and winter leave my head, and my psyche, in pain. I wish it would just decide! I could get over a couple more weeks of winter if Mother Nature just made up her mind. My motivation is seriously waning and I’m still messing with how to jump start it. I really think a little sunshine might help. I guess we’ll find out this weekend since it’s supposed to be gawgeous! Still, I can’t stay on the fully intermediate program, it’s a nice balance between that and the novice though.

Besides taxes and cleaning and a trip to Whole Foods (yay!) I think bread needs to be made this weekend. I’m thinking…focaccia?

But I also want to try something new, I will keep you posted.


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