Sunshine is deceiving

It is absolutely gorgeous in Boston this weekend. Blue skies, sunshine all day, you can almost forget about the snow and ice and rain and general gloom that was this winter. It’s the kind of weather that makes you excited to go out and run 4.5 with your friends or walk to Whole Foods after work, oh, and did I mention it’s still 28 degrees?

Our run yesterday was windy but really nice to be in the sun (and nice to do while you have a focaccia bread rising). And I picked up these babies

That's right. They're purple

at Kathleen’s because she was nice enough to receive them after a disappointing “flats stealing” from my building last week and then a frustrating 2 weeks dealing with Marathon Sports. Thanks for fitting me in my 10.5 2A narrows but unless you’re going to give them to me at some point…

I saw this recipe for “Springtime minestrone” on Jenna’s blog last week that looked too good to pass up. And after 2 bucket sized bowls of my slightly adapted version, I can tell you it hit the spot. Oh so many vegetables, it was just SO GOOD with Flour’s rosemary and olive oil focaccia.

Today I’m going to actually meet Kathleen and Martin AT Flour for a nice lunch before we all dive into an afternoon (albeit short for me) of labwork followed by 7 (ish) miles. It might be a cookie day.


One response to “Sunshine is deceiving

  1. Aah that springtime minestrone is on my to-do list…so is an 8 mile run. Love your new shoes!!

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