Yet another risotto

Yesterday I got extremely lost while trying to run 4.5 miles. Fortunately, I was armed with new shoes and a watch that allowed me to decide about the right point that I should stop. Unfortunately, I was also armed with my sense of direction, (“so if that’s where the sun is setting….”) which means I stopped RUNNING when I got 4.5 miles worth of tired, and then had to walk a mile. Still I maintain that it’s worth it to avoid running the same routes over and over and over (going on 3 years now).

Returning home, the last thing I wanted to do was figure out how to, and subsequently execute stuffed cabbage leaves. Glad I did because they were yummy, although a bit (surprisingly) bland.

I will post the recipe when I get it right. Until then, it’s the smittenkitchen recipe but I would add…something. Maybe because I used green instead of savoy cabbage? (If Whole Foods doesn’t have it, I maintain that it doesn’t exist).

THEN tonight, another not so perfect dinner. What kind of recipes think that butternut squash can cook in a pan in 5 minutes? In the words of chef Gordon Ramsey, “It’s RAW!” You know what’s super fun when you’re starving? Picking cubes of butternut squash out of an otherwise decent risotto (and inwardly cursing yourself because you should’ve, duh, checked them before you dumped them in).

Is this why people don’t cook?

No recipe for the risotto will be inflicted on my reading public.


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