You can’t be serious.

My last post for this week is a plea for your help. I got on this “trying new things” kick that has gotten out of hand and made me desperate for the end of this week when our dear friends come to visit, and I stop cooking.

I sit here eating naan, plain, for dinner, because the chickpea salad that looked so good online does require an overnight soak. Boiling for a minute and soaking for 2 hours did not cut it. I sit here fantasizing about going out to eat this week because my pizzas, risottos, and even blondies have left me feeling defeated these last…7 days. I sit here wondering if it’s time to go back to the old standbys for dinner, and peanut butter and jelly for lunch.

Before I pack up my apron, shove my spatulas in a drawer and throw my pans out the window, I’m going to make cookies. Simple, pretty, cut out cookies for our guests this week. If they fail, prepare for a kitchen meltdown. Until then, SEND ME YOUR BEST RECIPES!!!

Remember when?


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