I’m cooking againnnn

This is my new favorite snack.

Grape tomatoes are rocking my socks right now.

Anyway, it feels good to be back in the kitchen and I think the curse is broken. After detoxing with hot yoga, last night’s Real Simple recipe for fish cakes turned out beautifully, even with last minute modifications. Since when are tilapia fillets only 0.2lbs each? I ended up with half as much fish as I needed so…I used canned salmon that I’ve been saving for salmon patties! It actually added a really nice richness to it. And come on, they’re called fish cakes, not tilapia cakes.

Then I added some lemon zest and cilantro to plain couscous and made a yummy side.

This warmer weather makes me want to eat fresh produce every single day (even though I’d prefer somewhere besides Shaw’s). YUM!

Let’s hope the rain doesn’t sap my running (lots of training to catch up on), cooking, working, functioning motivation this week.


2 responses to “I’m cooking againnnn

  1. YUM! sounds delish! Especially the couscous!

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