Adele is for baking.

Yesterday’s rainy, freezing, gray, dreary Boston day just made me want to bake. Besides owing my dear friend Shakun big for not letting my cells die and my science suffer while I was stuffing my face last week, something about infusing my apartment with the spicy smell of ginger molasses while Adele sang through my docking station, well, I couldn’t resist.

On a side note, the Silpat turned this cookies into something entirely different than the last 434398764356 times I’ve made them. They were flatter, thinner, crispier, I’m not sure how I feel about this new result. The taste is fantastic, it’s just…they usually look like this…

and this time… I will show you later but they didn’t crackle and the sugar got absorbed or something. I think I might stick to parchment paper for cookies, or maybe a lower temperature for longer time? Or higher temperature because the Silpat doesn’t conduct as well? Any thoughts Silpat users? Either way, Jon, Shakun and I enjoyed them so, win?

Also, remaking things that I loved the first time is doing wonders for my self confidence. Black bean tacos with slaw that I homemade this time, just wonderful and a super healthy option after my heaping plate of pineapple fried rice for lunch. Tonight I’m going to try a pizza filled with vegetables and pick a cake or cupcake combination for a barbeque this weekend. Vanilla and lemon? Chocolate and caramel? Remains to be seen.


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