I’m sorry Silpat.

I take back everything I said about the Silpat. Yea, they’re different from last time and they looked a little weird, but man, the next day the morphed into this semi crispy, soft in the middle, spicy, delicious….I’ll stop.

Alsooo, Real Simple is just, they’re wonderful. Two, I repeat, two, of these little pizzas made my day. Should I have had one? Probably. Did Jon only have one? He definitely did.


To make this simpler, buy a pizza dough. To make it healthier, go to Trader Joe’s where they have whole wheat pizza dough. Then all you need is ricotta, asparagus, parmesan and arugula and bam, healthy-ish pizza city. Allow me to reiterate. This is why I run.


One response to “I’m sorry Silpat.

  1. I’m so jealous you have Silpats!! I’m just going to move in with you and Jon so I can eat all this food!

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