Sugar coma.

Woke up feeling like trash. The combination of Nerd cake and deadly mixed drinks left my mouth feeling like the dessert and my pancreas in overdrive. How did I fix it?

It was just so yummy

1) Gallons of water. Just keep drinking, just keep drinking.

2) Not running. Now this might sound like a good way to actually give myself diabetes, but in reality, 9 miles today would’ve made me hate running whereas 9 miles tomorrow, after watching the marathon to remind me of why I love it, seems like a good idea.

3) Almond butter breakfast toast. ‘ Nuf said.

4) B.good hamburger for lunch on my way to work. Nothing sops up a hangover like a houseground burger on whole wheat.

5) Lemony ricotta pasta repeat recipe. Fast, easy, delicious with whole wheat fusili.

6) A little Celtic’s basketball and calling it an early night. Preparing to cheer on the runners! GO BOSTON!


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