Who needs real food?

Like every good Jew does on Passover, I baked bread. Woops! It’s ok, I’ll make up for it with fried matzah and macaroons later this week.

For this rainy Tuesday I decided that a combination of Jenna and my mom’s recipes would hit the spot. Jenna’s Beginner Rolls and Double Banana chocolate chip bars turned out beautifully!

Dinner was a bit trickier since it involved knocking my DSLR off of the trash can lid, behind the trash can and SAVED by the dustpan! Little lens cleaner and she’s ok (fingers crossed), but in my flustered state, I turned the oven on for rolls while my chicken fingers were still warming!!! Needless to say, they got some extra crisp but they are still extremely yummy. Too yummy to remember to post a picture…

Tomorrow, snickerdoodles. For my friend Dan Erhardt’s amazing Boston run yesterday. 240 out of over 23,000? 2:41? An average pace faster than what I could probably run a single mile in right now? Yea, that deserves cookies.


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