Boy are my legs tight!

One missed Monday yoga class and I’m walking like an old lady from my 8 miles Monday and 5 today! Also has something to do with my knees buckling when some, pardon my French, MORON IN SCRUBS almost took me out in mid-stride. Put. Down. The. Blackberry.

Fortunately, our super delicious dinner was also very, very easy. And didn’t involve much standing. Tilapia might be my favorite dinner protein right now. Besides the price and the ease of cooking, it’s flaky and delicious. Tonight the vehicle of choice was a tortilla filled with the top (non green) healthiest vegetable and one of my new favorites, the radish. These little buggers are so delicious! Soaked in some lime juice/olive oil. Mmm mmm MMMM.


A little less so...

And we eat it with festive fireworks at our back from across the street. Celebrating what? Who knows. Does it matter?

Celebrations call for dessert.

Part 1.


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