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Memorial Day Weekend

After a couple of nights of impromptu, terrible for me dinners (but delicious…tacos, hamburger, ICE CREAM) I decided something fresh and steamed was in order for tonight. This simple recipe that my mom sent to me uses a lot of fresh vegetables and a bag of Trader Joe’s potstickers and is put together in about 6 minutes.

Nothin’ too fancy.

In case people read this for anything besides food, The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson was a good read but Room by Emma Donoghue is phenomenal so far. Also, spinning is really hard, Trader Joe’s salted, chocolate covered almonds are delicious (were), this weather, this weather is unbelievably gorgeous and cleaning out closets and dvds feels really good. Today’s schedule of running, tuna sandwiches on baguette, Kindle reading in the park with Crystal, The Hangover 2 and dinner was a perfect 10 as far as days go and I’d like to follow it with another tomorrow. Margarita pie will be involved so…


Food and Yoga

The day that I made these sandwiches for dinner was a typical pouring, freezing Boston day. Fortunately, making summery food can allow you to pretend that we completely missed spring this year.

Warm, spicy, barbeque-y deliciousness.  I topped it with the Mediterranean slaw to give it a nice crunch and tanginess, YUM.

Also in the mix was my mom’s chicken gnocchi recipe that I posted a few months ago (if I didn’t mention that you should try that, I’ll say it again) and some TAKE OUT PIZZA! Thank you Groupon for forcing us to try new places.

One more recipe I want to share with you is another eatliverun hit, chicken tortilla soup.

This batch filled up my whole Dutch oven (I always forget I have a stock pot) and then my tummy with spicy, vegetable-y fabulosity. Yep, I said it. This is ruining all other lunches for me. Crisping tortilla strips and chopping cilantro just finished this off in the most wonderful of ways and was a bright touch in the middle of another crappy, rainy day. And provided great fuel for a crazy hot yoga class today.

Yoga was awesome today. Yes, it was wall supported but I did a headstand AND A HANDSTAND! Actually MULTIPLE handstands…It was very exciting. There may have been some crow action as well. Only one conclusion can be drawn from this. I need to do more yoga. Classes like today are like recess for adults. There was a lot of giggling and general exuberance in the poses and people were having fun with it. Don’t misunderstand me, Goldie kicked our asses and I will have trouble sitting down tomorrow, but it makes me enjoy my exercise. All in all, this “less is more” running attitude is proving to be less challenging and more fun than I thought!

Return to Sanity

After a whirlwind weekend of flying, driving, and eating, my little sister is all graduated! Nurse Jacquie! We celebrated, a lot, but starting with this…

Featured on the Travel Channel’s Man vs Food, Melt in Cleveland, Ohio makes some of the craziest grilled cheese sandwiches you’ll ever see. This one had gouda, smoked turkey, housemade sauerkraut and a housemade Russian dressing on the side. So what that Jacquie and I were the only ones who could finish ours…big whoop. These sandwiches are great for soaking up alcohol. But just to be safe, you better get some of these fried Twinkies too…

It was a pants-unbuttoning weekend that forced me into the realization that I am no longer training, and therefore need to stop eating like I am. Hence the spinach feta turkey burgers off of eatliverun that I made for dinner last night.

So flavorful and delicious. Even if I ate 2, and they were after this…

it’s gotta be better than beers and grilled cheese. And fried chicken. And cake, so much cake…

So back to normal, with different exercise (I can barely sit down today because of the squats that I did yesterday) to be healthy while it’s disgusting outside and spinning hasn’t started yet.