After some minor technical difficulties and a weekend of extreme laziness mixed with running and dancing and bacon, I’m back. I’m going to focus on these aspects of spring

instead of the impending raininess of this week. Flowers, a city in bloom, fresh air flowing through my windows, lovely produce everywhere…It was a blunch sandwich and Fresca outside kind of day and it will be missed.

The previously booted foot has sustained a minor, and hopefully temporary injury (fingers crossed) at the hands of an unwieldy root along the banks of the Charles around mile 7 yesterday. It will, I repeat, will, be fine by Saturday’s Big Lake Half Marathon.

Tonight’s dinner was so easy to be so good, I love Real Simple, I’m telling you. I’m trying to incorporate a lot of different kinds of meat into our weekly rotations (meat or protein) for health and variety’s sake.

This chicken sausage is making my life.


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