Race weekend is upon us

Day after tomorrow, 12 weeks of training culminates in what will hopefully be a beautiful, relaxing race in New Hampshire. Not planning on a PR or even a great time, but really trying my new “during running mentality”. You do this because you like it! Remember!! Enjoy your time with your BFF!!!

After an epically Boston commute (you know, the kind where 0 forms of public transportation show up in a situation where there’s supposed 57569456) that was actually just a super long walk, I wanted a yummy dinner. Something that reflected this clearly spring-like weather. Random rain showers followed immediately by sunshine and blue skies, 50 degree days, 70 degree days, what’s going on? I don’t care, I love it. And also, I love my grill pan. Every time I use it, it works better, and makes better food. That’s the idea of cast iron right?

And even though I didn’t get the right noodles and even though I hate parsley, so it wasn’t in there, this dish was delicious.

Do rice noodles count as carbo loading? Is 36 hours too far in advance? Doesn’t this look delicious?


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