Now that I’ve eaten an entire loaf of Italian bread, gotten a pedicure, and slept for 10 hours I can tell you about these burgers I made last night.

Real Simple had a “10 ideas for burger” article this month, and I love me a burger idea. This one had grilled red onions and a homemade chipotle mayonnaise, garnished with cilantro leaves and on huge, thick cut toasted Italian bread (servings 1.5).  One and a half of these babies and I can consider myself “recovered”. So what I did afterwards, with the carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream later, that was completely unnecessary.

Besides dinner details, I ran 1:49 and finished 6th in my division (probably my last race as F 20-24). It was a GORGEOUS day but miles 7-11? I hate you New Hampshire. HATE. (ok well, my knees hate you). Kathleen and I had a fantastic time!

Side notes, I finished The Book Thief this week and it was a really good read. And I love the Kindle.

Another side note, did you know you could order OPI on the internet?


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