Food and Yoga

The day that I made these sandwiches for dinner was a typical pouring, freezing Boston day. Fortunately, making summery food can allow you to pretend that we completely missed spring this year.

Warm, spicy, barbeque-y deliciousness.  I topped it with the Mediterranean slaw to give it a nice crunch and tanginess, YUM.

Also in the mix was my mom’s chicken gnocchi recipe that I posted a few months ago (if I didn’t mention that you should try that, I’ll say it again) and some TAKE OUT PIZZA! Thank you Groupon for forcing us to try new places.

One more recipe I want to share with you is another eatliverun hit, chicken tortilla soup.

This batch filled up my whole Dutch oven (I always forget I have a stock pot) and then my tummy with spicy, vegetable-y fabulosity. Yep, I said it. This is ruining all other lunches for me. Crisping tortilla strips and chopping cilantro just finished this off in the most wonderful of ways and was a bright touch in the middle of another crappy, rainy day. And provided great fuel for a crazy hot yoga class today.

Yoga was awesome today. Yes, it was wall supported but I did a headstand AND A HANDSTAND! Actually MULTIPLE handstands…It was very exciting. There may have been some crow action as well. Only one conclusion can be drawn from this. I need to do more yoga. Classes like today are like recess for adults. There was a lot of giggling and general exuberance in the poses and people were having fun with it. Don’t misunderstand me, Goldie kicked our asses and I will have trouble sitting down tomorrow, but it makes me enjoy my exercise. All in all, this “less is more” running attitude is proving to be less challenging and more fun than I thought!


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