Memorial Day Weekend

After a couple of nights of impromptu, terrible for me dinners (but delicious…tacos, hamburger, ICE CREAM) I decided something fresh and steamed was in order for tonight. This simple recipe that my mom sent to me uses a lot of fresh vegetables and a bag of Trader Joe’s potstickers and is put together in about 6 minutes.

Nothin’ too fancy.

In case people read this for anything besides food, The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson was a good read but Room by Emma Donoghue is phenomenal so far. Also, spinning is really hard, Trader Joe’s salted, chocolate covered almonds are delicious (were), this weather, this weather is unbelievably gorgeous and cleaning out closets and dvds feels really good. Today’s schedule of running, tuna sandwiches on baguette, Kindle reading in the park with Crystal, The Hangover 2 and dinner was a perfect 10 as far as days go and I’d like to follow it with another tomorrow. Margarita pie will be involved so…


2 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Where is the pot sticker recipe?

  2. Posted! Sorry for the delay 🙂

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