Now that summer is here and schedules are getting weird (getting up super early, weird exercise, long commute for Jon) and the sun is out, cooking has to adapt accordingly. No more evenings spent over the stove making risottos or soups when it’s 90 degrees, not happening in my 4th floor walk up. No, now is the time for simplicity and flavor, and some minor changes in some friendly recipes.

Chicken salad is fantastic for so many reasons. It’s versatile, flavorful, and COLD. The “cooking” step involves a passive poaching of chicken and after that, you can take your nuts and vegetables and apples to the coolest part of your apartment, and chop. Or, if you were lucky enough to have a cold front after you planned your menu, chop wherever you please! Less celery, more granny smith, less mayo, more white wine vinegar….little tweaks that can really change it up enough to keep things interesting.

Good morning muffins are another mash up of ingredients that lend themselves to adjustments. Today I used golden raisins instead of regular, dark brown instead of light brown sugar, less zucchini, more apple.



I promise I will keep trying new things and sharing new recipes, but don’t forget the oldies (I say this after completing 2 more margarita pies for a BBQ tomorrow)!


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