Honestly, I don’t know why I ever make real food.

These are like a lighter version of Flour’s Ginger Molasses cookies, delicious (if soft…)! And 3 ripe bananas were turned into a loaf of banana bread yesterday (that SANK, AGAIN) of which no photographic evidence exists….

Of course I’m joking about not eating real food. I love to bake but, BBQ yum.

Jenna's BBQ pulled chicken is infinitely better with the chicken thighs she calls for

And burger yum


Pickled Zucchini? On a burger? Yes Please.

Besides food, and the eternal work struggle, I no longer think spinning is cool. I’m bored. I’ve actually started closing my eyes and pretending I’m outside, which is hard to do because it’s sooo hot in there. Can someone enlighten me? I was sore the first day but now I don’t really feel like it’s doing much…Anyways, typical me going back to my idea of running as the only real exercise. I’m going home on Thursday for, drumroll please, 10 days! I can’t tell you how much my brain space needs this right now. Access to suburban streets to run on, Kopp’s frozen custard, Brewers on tv, yoga with my mom, margaritas with my dad,  fresh, quiet air, my dog, my sisters, and most importantly, not a single pipet or cell culture plate for miles around. It’s a reevaluation, rejuvenation time that seems overdue.





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