Wisconsin is so great in June. Temperatures in the 80s during the day, dropping into the 50s at night, rainstorms and sunshine, just gorgeous. And it’s really fun to cook for so many people in a FULL SIZED KITCHEN. On any given night we range from 4-7 people and they’re all super hungry. The fam loved the udon noodle salad and tonight’s taco salad shouldn’t disappoint. It’s all in the ingredients and tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, everything looks beautiful right now. Also a batch of granola and a tub of Stonyfield Banilla makes a happy 10 days at home for Dana. And Jacquie.

Before I ventured home however…there was this.

Arugula pureed with toasted pine nuts, olive oil, and freshly grated Pecorino Romano makes….arugula pesto! Great on fettucini with a fresh tomato sauce.

And this…

This is what half of a $19 sandwich looks like. Pastrami, corned beef, coleslaw, Russian dressing. Oh, my, gosh. So wonderfully delicious, and only affordable by Groupon to Rubin’s Deli in Brookline.


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