Birthday Weekend

As my 25th birthday approaches, I plan on dragging this out as long as humanly possible. Some grilling with friends on Friday, a wonderful birthday dinner on Saturday night

Delicious ravioli at Sonsie

…followed by birthday dessert!

…and copious amounts of wine.

And on a non food-related note, I got to wear my birthday present to myself!

It was a wonderful evening, even if it meant a day spent in recovery and a possible worsening of all previous symptoms (there’s a cough now, yay!). Fortunately I have a 3 day weekend and a husband who is more than willing to watch movies with me and relax as we eat a house favorite of lettuce wraps and then some leftover birthday cake (thanks Joe!).

And today we will be mixing some traditional 4th of July elements (starting with the fireworks we saw at midnight) like fireworks tonight with some less traditional elements like lox and bagels and asparagus pizza. And nose blowing.


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