About the lack in posting…

You know how on that 3rd week of being sick you become complacent until you try to go running and then suddenly get super angry? No? Let’s just say, it’s a sinus infection and it’s now owning my life. Fainting during camping, terrible headaches, stomachaches, you name it aches! The barbeque competition was delicious

but again, tainted by the fainting. Cooking has been at a serious standstill due to last week’s excessive heat, and the infection, and you can forget about running. One week of training wasted. Which means I feel like I have very little to write about. I will say that this little guy made my day.

He likes ear scratching as much as Clyde does, and responds with nuzzles and licking. Then a nice nap in the car on the way back, but still…is this over yet?

Positive thoughts right? Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was a very wonderful, very heart wrenching book, I’m going to start Foer’s Eating Animals today and The Corrections is even better the second time.

Also, I made the turkey meatballs from eatliverun and served them over polenta for dinner last night and it was quite yummy. Tonight I think I’m going to make tuna melts and hope that this upswing is due to antibiotics and will only get better!


2 responses to “About the lack in posting…

  1. Oh no!! I hope you are starting to feel better!! Between the two of us we are going to cook our way through every single one of Jenna’s posts. haha.

  2. Day 4 of antibiotics=happy Dana, thanks! And yes, let’s cook our way through her posts. I’m in.

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