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Social Media

As I’m organizing a tea drinking, baked goods book club to discuss Freedom with my apparently equally ancient friends, I have my 20 year old sister bothering me to get a twitter. As someone who is generally confused by all twitter related jargon, I didn’t think this was a good idea. As someone who loves their little sister and is genuinely interested in what she’ll be “tweeting” about all day, I did it. How do you say no to this?Trust me, if I knew the answer to that, I wouldn’t be trying to think of things to tweet @runstoeat.

Tuesday night’s Yin Yoga class was yet another reminder of why I should be going more often. 5 minute asanas in a gloriously air conditioned, but with the windows open and the sun coming in, yoga studio on a 94 degree day is the definition of bliss. I left there feeling relaxed and energized at the same time, and wishing that there were more Yin classes in a week. Why does it seem that there’s more of a demand for sweat your ass off, intensely difficult, pose changing yoga? It’s almost as if people want to exercise…

Yesterday I secured a spot in the 11th annual BAA half marathon on October 9th, the training for which starts on Monday. We’ll see how 10 weeks of “relaxed running attitude” (aka, probably 7 total runs) and 2 weeks of illness has prepared me for the journey. I am excited to be one of 7,000 runners competing this year in a race that sold out in under 3 hours! It will be my first race in the actual city of Boston.

As far as cooking goes, did I mention it’s been in the NINETIES for a week? Heavily relying on a random array of salads and the weekly invite to Crystal and Justin’s apartment to grill, I’ve supplemented with things that involve me turning on the oven and leaving the kitchen. This allowed me to rediscover Trader Joe’s chicken verde burritos last night, mmmm mmmmmmm, even though it had cooled off to *gasp* 70 degrees by then! The rain was unbelievably refreshing and resulted in a drastic temperature/humidity shift that made today’s weather about as perfect as can be.

Parish Cafe for dinner and then Harry Potter, here I come!



It’s a wizard’s world.

This week is all about Harry Potter. I had to skip form 4 to 7 to make sure I get this book in before the movie but I am eating, sleeping and breathing magic.

Our movie marathon was a complete success (aside from using half a box of Kathleen’s tissues, 10 days, seriously?). We now feel completely prepared for the *sniff* last installment of the epic series.

Cooking with Kathleen is a blast. I brought Jenna’s Big Sur Lemon Bars, Kathleen made a fantastic tomatillo and avocado dip and together, udon noodle salad and cardamom sweet rolls.

The color, oh the color!

Now, with purses full of candy, cards and vitamin water, we will brave the unknown like good little muggles and enjoy the crap out of that last movie.

Readers, I know I haven’t posted in forever and I apologize. And I know you have no reason to trust someone who leaves your for days at a time, but please, read Freedom, read it now.

Birthday Weekend

As my 25th birthday approaches, I plan on dragging this out as long as humanly possible. Some grilling with friends on Friday, a wonderful birthday dinner on Saturday night

Delicious ravioli at Sonsie

…followed by birthday dessert!

…and copious amounts of wine.

And on a non food-related note, I got to wear my birthday present to myself!

It was a wonderful evening, even if it meant a day spent in recovery and a possible worsening of all previous symptoms (there’s a cough now, yay!). Fortunately I have a 3 day weekend and a husband who is more than willing to watch movies with me and relax as we eat a house favorite of lettuce wraps and then some leftover birthday cake (thanks Joe!).

And today we will be mixing some traditional 4th of July elements (starting with the fireworks we saw at midnight) like fireworks tonight with some less traditional elements like lox and bagels and asparagus pizza. And nose blowing.