Anniversary Weekend

As a birthday/anniversary present my husband planned a little jaunt up to Maine this past weekend. It was wonderful. Antibiotics completed, perfect weather, and such a beautiful state!

Recapturing our honeymoon in Alaska, the ziplining was pretty awesome…


And the suite in the lodge was bigger than our apartment! We started the celebration a bit early on Saturday night…

Recreated cake and wedding champagne

and didn’t discover until Sunday that my preventative cake recreating measures were unnecessary. I guess when your gram makes your wedding cakes, they actually CAN taste good after a whole year in the freezer! We pleasantly discovered this last night but, alas, the damage was done.

And I am now passing out re-wedding cake to unsuspecting friends. What am I supposed to do with this when Jon’s going to be gone from tomorrow until Sunday!?

What’s that you say? Is that a KitchenAid  stand mixer in the background? Why, yes it is! How did that get there? I’ll tell you…Wednesday evening the UPS man dropped off a very heavy package from my Mama, and this is what it contained. It is truly amazing.

Back to our weekend abroad, Portland, ME is a really cool city, as is Kennebunkport. Despite the disappointing lack of lighthouses (I’m not sure why Jon was so convinced that there WERE lighthouses) the food was delicious…

mmmm chowda

and the company was excellent.

The "easy" hiking trail

I also finally found a big spice rack that DOESN’T come with spices in it already!!!

Today is back to work and reality, and this week brings with it some new recipes (hopefully!) and the very late start half marathon training. Hopefully I can get myself back into shape now that I kicked that sinus infection!


2 responses to “Anniversary Weekend

  1. I am potentially planning an October trip to Boston, but only if you bake that cake!

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