What best friends are for

This revised salad from Jenna was amazing! Pasta because I forgot to soak my wheat berries, regular mozzarella because it’s delicious.

SO hearty and flavorful and extremely summery. Lots of textures and variety made each bite completely different. Best friends help you cook things like this after they help you through a week like I had. It’s over though. Horrible Bosses was hilarious, dinner was delicious, froyo hit the spot, and that was only Friday! Today I made these sugar cookies for a late summer barbeque.





I’m not sure why I think hippos and turtles are summery but it makes sense in my head…And I’ve found that lemon glaze and Flour sugar cookies are the perfect combination.

3.4 miles and no dying today! Yipee for starting from scratch at week 3. I actually think it’s going to be ok. It felt so good to be outside and moving again and nice to have company.

Very much looking forward to some relaxing tonight and some book discussion over brunch tomorrow.


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