General Health

The return to sanity, I mean running, makes yin yoga that much better. That class makes me appreciate my body and the things it does for me each and every day. The complete departure from the aggression that is running is a really beautiful thing that complements how good it feels to have the runner part of my identity back.

Lunching on leftover minestrone soup and homemade bread was fabulous, until yesterday.

The new push towards less meat met it’s very first challenge yesterday in the form of a Hidden Kitchen Reuben. I’m trying not to be radical about this, it’s just a reduction, but if I can’t even pull out meat free lunches in the first week? Anyways, I had a grilled tomato and cheese which was quiet tasty. Greek yogurt, hummus, nuts, all high in protein and keeping me full but I will be on the search for more interesting, flavorful ways to cook up veggie meals. And that will make the occasional grilled out all beef brat that much better. What…football starts today… 😉


One response to “General Health

  1. I just did a short home practice after some speedwork on the track, and it feels so great! Yoga and running are go so well together.

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