Meatless Barbeque

I planned on eating beef yesterday at the barbeque, but when it came time to actually do it, I just didn’t want to. I’m not a huge fan of sausage or hot dogs or brats (unless it’s covered in sauerkraut) so why waste one of the few meat meals I plan on eating? Adapted from Sandra Lee’s Food Network recipes, the black bean patties that I made were no joke, delicious. And not just to me, Kathleen, Sarah, Katherine? Back me up! A few thin slices of avocado made them creamy and extremely tasty. Much better than my failed lentil fritters of Wednesday. I still feel that they have potential.

The flavors were all there but man will an undercooked batch of lentils ruin a meal. I’ll post the recipe when it’s better.

Jon forgave my current meatlessness when I made Jenna’s gnocchi on Thursday.

I had no idea that goat cheese was so low in calories and fat! And gnocchi, not so terrible for you either. Overall, the summery flavors of basil and tomatoes are something I can’t get enough of.

But the brownies, ohhh the brownies. These were fudgey excellentness.

Good start

Salted fudge, needless to say, they’re gone.

And hopefully my 5 miles today did some damage in the calorie burning department.


3 responses to “Meatless Barbeque

  1. Recipe please!

    Here is a recipe for lentil burgers that I think are good:

  2. I thought this might be similar to my humans recipe for Vega-que, but it sure3 isn’t. Looks good so I’ll pass it along. If you like veggy-barbaque dishes, check out my post with the recipe. It’s one before the current video of gator calling.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions!

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